Monday, April 07, 2008

I have been told by Jason that my scooter will be ready on Thursday. I will believe it when I have driven it back from Santa Rosa and it is parked behind my Ford Aspire. I could hardly sleep last night thinking about it. I still owe the Credit Union around a thousand bucks before it is officially paid off. It couldn't come at a better time because the weather is getting better and better now that spring is here. On another note, last Friday I appeared on "Modern Marvels" a show about gadgets on the History Channel. I was demonstrating some of the most unusual corkscrews in Brother Timothy's collection here at Greystone. All in all, the filming took around an hour, of which two minutes got aired. I was quite pleased with what got shown. My co-workers also got to have what artist Andy Warhol dubbed your "Five minutes of fame." I already have been quite shocked by hearing back from the people that actually stayed up to watch it. The company promised me a DVD sometime in the future, so I will get to bring it out and show it at family gatherings. That should be good for a few chuckles and a yawn... tee hee.

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