Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Scooter Saga Continues...

Here it is Tuesday, March 4th, and it is my day off. I crossed my fingers as I went out to start the scooter this morning, as I know the starts have been rough... if at all. This month would be no different, as my scooter problems have been going on since last October.After numerous tries, I finally got the damn thing started. When I drove it to Moto Mechanica, Eli was waiting for me as I drove up. I explained the problem and he immediately got it into the shop and on the rack. He turned the fans on it to cool it down so that he could recreate the problem as I had explained it to him. He said that when it cooled down, he would try to start it and hopefully know how to proceed.Then I went for a hike into town. After a couple of hours he called me to tell me that it would start and that the problem could not be diagnosed unless I left it overnight. OY ! I called my friend Don and my friend Reid already this morning, and begged them for a ride over there, then to call back and cancel after that would be an annoyance I thought. They got the scooter started (not a good sign). I walked back to the shop from downtown Santa Rosa. I prayed the Serenity Prayer so that I would be prepared mentally for the worst case scenario. Eli was still on break when i arrived, so I talked to his assistant. She told me about a battery charger that I could hook up so that I would not have to take the battery out of the case every time I wanted to charge it.I suspected that I had one of these already so I ended up driving my scooter back to Calistoga to install it. I still will have to bring this monster back next week to get some fuel filter chamber valve replaced.If it ain't one thing it's another ... to be continued.

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