Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Who reads this stuff?

Okay, I suspect that this blog is just an exercise in vanity and futility, but I never kept a diary for very long so this is the next best thing. Today, my motor scooter is on my mind. Yesterday I was able to get it started, but I have been needing a new set of rollers and timing belt installed since last October. It is started to concern me because there is a little "play" in the back wheel which makes it shimmy a wee bit. I also had to buy a battery charger and remove the battery for recharging. It was VERY difficult. I finally got it out, but lost a screw and an Allen wrench in the process. They dropped down into the front of the faring and I can't get them out unless the whole faring gets removed. I'm a little flummoxed because I have been on such good terms with the dealer ,and they have been most helpful in the past.I think it may be the manufacturer's fault. Aprilia is an Italian company and I happen to own the only scooter of it's kind in Northern California. Naturally, Revolution Moto wants to secure Original Equipment Manufacturing ( OEM ) parts to support the integrity of the scoot and to keep the bike under warranty. My problem is that I need to find a way to drop the scooter off at Moto Mechanica (the maintenance shop) and get back home to Calistoga, or find a way of entertaining myself for six hours while the scooter is being serviced. This is not what I had in mind when I purchased this machine... I envisioned minimal maintenance and endless hours of scootering.

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