Friday, January 25, 2008

Start building the Ark

It is so wet outside that we now have been warned of flooding here in this part of the Napa Valley. A few years ago, we had a very distinctive lake across the street in Markham vineyards. Hopefully, it won't be as saturated as it was in the past. My car hasn't got much tread left on the tires and my scooter is down with a battery that needs to be recharged, so I am holding my breath until Spring. Last Monday, I came to the CIA to be interviewed by a fellow named Bob from the History Channel for their show, "Modern Marvels". It seems that they wanted to know more about Brother Timothy's Corkscrew collection which I was only too happy to serve as curator.The show will air on April 4th, so I am going to have my sister TIVO it, because I don't have a Television connection.I must say that I am not an expert on corkscrews, but I probably know more than your average Joe off the street. Luckily, I was able to give fairly decent explanations of the devices as I tried hard not to look at the camera.

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