Thursday, January 31, 2008


A few years ago, I was living up at Mont La Salle in the hills west of Napa. This is the Christian Brother's Property, and I spent a year living there, and working as a maintenance man. One day, after a long draught the brothers were at breakfast and one of the monks looked over and asked the other," Who was that woman Maureen, that you asked us to pray for during the prayers of the faithful?" The other Brother replied," I was praying for More Rain !! not Maureen !! Today, it seems like the rain just keeps coming. It was supposed to be intermittent but the weather report says that it will probably be around for the whole weekend.The Mustard Festival is gearing up, and the crews are putting up the lights and stages for this weekend's event.I will bring my camera and post some shots as soon as they are available.

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