Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Learning Mexican

I met with my neighbor Andre and his wife Devon last night. After some discussion around a cup of coffee,we decided that we could help each other learn each other's respective languages. The game plan as it stands now,is to write a paragraph each week and have the other critique what has been written.Andre understands and can communicate much better than his wife,Devon. However, she is going to be practicing just as much as he, and will be testing as he grapples with the finer points of the language.We both have Spanish/English dictionaries, so it'll be a hoot seeing what the other comes up with; It has been established that we will write about our experience during the week,and submit to the other what we have written every Tuesday. We shook hands on it.No fair copy and pasting anything. This is a gentleman's agreement. We shall see how it turns out.Today I read what I had written to someone who is bilingual and this person told me that what I had written was understandable, even if I got the tenses mixed up.

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