Wednesday, January 02, 2008

How's O8'

It is already early into 2008 and I've accomplished an early goal.I drove with my friend Dave to San Francisco to run with the Dolphin South End Runners across the Golden Gate Bridge. Yes, it was freezing cold and windy ... but ENVIGORATING !! Dave was ahead of me most of the way, but I caught up to him at the finish. All in all, we covered about four miles. Two over and two back. Afterwards we drove to the Embarcadero to meet up with my old running buddy, Dan McGill. He is now 81 years of age,and lives alone in a high rise on Battery Street. After buzzing us into his building, we visited his apartment to change clothes before heading down to the Hyatt Regency for breakfast. Sandy Olsen, who is also a dear friend, met us in the Atrium. I ordered Eggs Benedict while the others ordered a variety of dishes like waffles, omelets and the like. We sat and chatted over copious amounts of Coffee, this was long after we had eaten all of our food. As we parted ways, I remarked how pretty Sandy looked, and how well we have aged. Dave and I walked with Dan back to his place before heading back north to the Wine Country.That evening, we went to see the movie, "Atonement" which was in my opinion, a movie that is trying too hard to be an Oscar contender.It has wonderful cinematography, an interesting (and I use that term, diplomatically) screenplay,but tended to be drawn-out and over-produced.If it gets nominated for even two oscars, I will be suprised.

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