Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ipod and Iphone Pranks

Okay, So you are stuck in traffic and the guy in the car next to you is yammering away on his new Iphone. You only have an Itouch, so how do you show him who is in control of the situation? There is a little application at that can take a sentence that you type in and make the text big enough for him to read... right off of your Ipod ! Maybe a sweet reminder to "Shut up and drive!" would be what you have in mind for this unconcious oaf. It may also be nice to have a few stored messages for flirtation purposes, if you happen to notice a nice young hostess who quickly assesses how cool you look... plunking out sweet nothings to flash at her from across the room.Of course now that you know about this gem,you have stolen my only pick-up manuever I had honed for the holidays.Oh well,you will thank me as you steer her away from that dweeb with the Iphone (even though he can use the same tatic ! )

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