Saturday, November 03, 2007

Worlds of Flavor 07

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I am embarrassed by the fact that I did not get any pics or vids from the W.O.F. that were worth a crap. My camera lacks image stabilization and decent video capture capability.Truth be told, I was VERY busy and had to make myself available to the attendees of the conference so I had little or no time to take pictures. We had the top chefs from around Asia, who showcased thier recipes as many vendors provided the exotic and sublime ingredients that were prepared over the past couple of days. Martin Yan of " Yan can Cook" fame was there, as was Iron Chef Masahuru Mosimoto who flew across the country on a whirlwind familiarization/book signing tour. His KORIN knives were misplaced at one point back in BOSTON, but by the time he got to California he was ready to do what he does best. Steve Garfield ( of ) has a superb video of him being interviewed by Nina Simonds ( who is featured on her own podcast, "The Spices of Life" ). I know that ever since the advent of the food network that Culinary Art has entered another dimension. This past weekend was a testimony to that.

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