Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Train Town

Today I went ot visit " Train Town" in Sonoma with my neighborhood pal, Alejandro Sanchez. He will be going into third grade this fall and enjoys watching Wrestling on channel 12. His favorite wrestler is a guy named, "Rey Mysterio" . As far as I can tell, this guy looks like a stuffed sausage in a spiderman outfit, but Alejandro digs his action. When noontime arrived we discovered that my relatives who we were supposed to meet, had already taken the train ride and were somewhere in Sonoma Square having lunch... So Alejandro and I went on the train ride, fed some goats and when the train pulled into the minature station, there were my relatives! It was just like the movies, i tell ya. We all decided to head over to my nephew, Edward's house in Napa for awhile. So after having a quick bite to eat there, Alejandro had to make it to soccer practise at 4PM, so I jammed back to Calistoga on the Silverado Trail via my scooter. All in all... I hope that it was an enjoyable adventure for my little friend.

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