Sunday, August 05, 2007

Modern, undelivered communication

This is the beginning of August, and the days seem to blend together this time of the year. It also makes me feel a certain longing for summers past. In many ways, Summer has always been filled with fun and excitement. Lately though, the long hot days have become rather monotonous and uninteresting. Admittedly, I've been giving into self-pity and resentment a little. I haven't heard from any family member in weeks, and that really pushes my buttons. As I kid, if I felt left out I would fly into a tirade.

All the members of my immediate family are older then me. All except for our eldest sister, have children. She and I have not been blessed in this way. My question is...Has the internet brought families closer together? To me, the answer is clearly No. The internet has created more emotional distance. Having access to one another is not the same as being in Communication with one another.I am going to leave this blog at this point to ponder what I have just written...

I do not know what my siblings and relatives are thinking. I don't really know what they are doing unless I call and ask them! (duh!) With email, I have come to expect that they will report to me anything that I need to know that would involve me (i.e. if someone is planning an event like a family gathering). Other than this, they can reach me via phone, cell-phone, Instant message, blog or snail mail.So many devices, so little time.

What if all of that were cut off ?

There have been long periods throughout modern history where family and friends have been kept separate from one another through no fault of their own. Without blaming someone for not being available, hasn't the occasional inaccessability of our loved-ones made us more irritated with modern communication devices? One can only imagine what the emotional climate would be if their ability to communicate was limited to a weekly post via pony express. Although I am holding out, I am still miffed that no one has bothered to call me.

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