Sunday, June 03, 2007

Care to comment?

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Okay, I am not looking to see a top-ten list of our worst blunders as humans or even your favorite dish (although that might be nice). All I would like would be a short comment to let me know that you came by to visit this blog. I just want to see if this thing actually works. It won't let me comment on my own blog, and so far I think perhaps two of my friends have actually visited this blog, which may say something about my popularity quotient. But that being what it is, I still would love to see if ANYONE has come to visit this site. Thank you, and bless your pea pickn' heart !

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Anonymous said...

Okay, Big Deal. So now I know how to comment on my own blog.It would have been nice if someone ELSE had something to add. Come on, guys !