Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day, May Day !

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Today, I discovered Jott. It was described on Rocketboom and it is free, and since I have the necessary cell phone that I should subscribe to it (watch the video to learn more ). Anyway, I promised that I would talk about Scooter Rosa, which took place on Sunday. I stayed around the apartment all day today however, drinking water and eating yogurt ( because I had a bad case of the Hershey squirts ). But the afterglow of Scooter Rosa is still alive. A group of about 60 scooters headed out on a ride around the whole perameter of the city and ended up back at Railroad Square for a picnic. A few bands played and there was plenty to do besides stand around talking about motor scooters. Kids played twirling hula hoops, tossing giant beach balls and playing with balloons. There was plenty of BBQ and cold drinks to be had too. The highlight of the day for me was the "Slow Scooter Race" where the winner was the finalist who could drive their scooter the slowest over a stretch of about 200 feet without touching thier feet to the ground. It was a challenge and a lot of fun to even participate. I lost at my heat, but glad I had such a great time overall.

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