Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sketching and reflecting

Today, I worked and sketched and worked and... it seams that so long as it stays rather quiet at the CIA, I will be able to upgrade my drawing skills. It is a wonderful therapy and people who come by the concierge desk will compliment me. Later on in the day we set up for a wedding. This means I have to take down the computer, put the phone away and stand out front and act like a host as the guests arrive. This is fun, because I like seeing people all dressed up with thier families and friends in a good mood. That is what working at the CIA is all about for me. Tomorrow i do the cameras at the cooking demo and generally have a nice mellow work day. I love coming to work and watching as the weeks go by. Time has never gone by as swiftly as it has since the new milleneum, but then again it has never gone by so smoothly. The changing seasons and what i choose to do with my life has been on a pretty even keil these last couple of years.

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