Thursday, March 01, 2007

I feel silly

Today there must be a full moon or something. I feel giddy and tickled that I was able to get all of the group photos that I took of the graduating students off of my Ipod and back onto my laptop.I had to download some software to do that though.This morning I had a nosebleed. I think this happens when I use too much Flonase. The stuff really works well on my allergies, so I have come to depend on it first thing in the morning, after I take my wellbutrin.I am usually upbeat, but today I got in a pissing match with one of my co-workers at the CIA. I was wrong and went off on her just because I decided I didn't like her and that she was being arrogant. I think that I am the one that is arrogant. Then a weird thing happened.An AA member walked in to use the bathroom.He told me that he has 15 days to get off of the property where he is presently living.I feel bad for the guy, but not enough to do anything for him. I didn't even let him use our phone ( or my cell phone ) when he mentioned that he noticed that we don't have any more pay phones at the CIA.It looked like he had been back on the sauce.he was a bit bloated and red in the face.I think that this was a sign from my higher power. I am going to try to help this guy out next time I see him.The image above has really nothing to do with this post other than the fact that I wanted to add an image. I know the chef on the left. He is a friend of mine.

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