Monday, March 19, 2007

Corn Beef, Cabbage and Blarney

Last night was the annual Corn Beef and Cabbage Dinner at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church where I am currently president of the Men's Club who is sponsoring this event. I was very pleased at the turn out and participation of the members of not only the men's club, but women of the parish who came forward to assist in making this event a success. Most of the crowd was over 60, but more like "18" in vitality. The evening kicked off with a cocktail hour from 5:30 to 6:30 PM as many of the guests arrived on time to fellowship with their fellow parishoners. A beautiful rendition of "Danny Boy" was sung by Alice Costello, amazing stories and Jokes were told by Laverne and prizes were raffled off as the evening moved alone. Some terrific wine and cakes were won by a whole assortment of people who bought raffle tickets. The grand prize was an autographed picture of Joe Montana being inducted into the Football Hall of Fame which was donated by Joe Sr. Lenny and Sonia Murphy won that one, and Lenny informed us that he also has in his possession an autographed "baseball" of Joe Montana which in itself is quite a rarity. Millie Hunt was enjoying her dinner too, and happened to mention that her 93rd birthday would be celebrated on the following Saturday. The chefs and helpers should also be mentioned here... A Big Thank You goes out to Don Williams, Joe Birleffi, Ruben Garcia, Ron Mashburn, Marcia Stagnaro, Pat McBride, Patty and Bill McMahon, Kitty McGuire, Ray Davies, Rich Holston, Rosemary ( our favorite waitress ) and anyone else that made this a very happy event. One sad note though, at the end of the evening, Ricki, who had rode her bike to the event had taken a fall afterwards and ended up with some broken bones. A new parishoner by the name of Nicole, rode with her to the hospital to make sure she was cared for; This really was inspiring to have a newcomer take action like that, and we will keep them both in our best thoughts and prayers.

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