Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Love of Fat Tuesday

Watch the video
Today is Tuesday and it is called "Fat Tuesday" because tomorrow is "Ash Wednesday" the first day of Lent. Everyone gets their Ya-ya's out on Fat Tuesday, because they are supposed to be abstinent during Lent. Lent is the forty days Christ spent in the desert beforing being crucified on Calvary.Most people will abstain from meat or caffiene during Lent. I have done this in the past and have been successful. Although I am not really excited about it, I intend to make this a successful season.I will have thirty years "Clean and Sober" come March 13th.Thankfully, THAT obsession was lifted, and I chose not to return to drinking or using drugs.It wasn't like I was "Giving something up for Lent" However., Today I remain grateful that I didn't die that way so I do things to stay on a spiritual path.It would be a long road back if I were to return to the old ways of thinking and acting. Tonight I am participating in the parish "Crab Feed" which will be a hoot. Most everyone is older than me and have come to enjoy this annual ritual of stuffing their faces with pasta and crab.My job as president of the Men's club will be to keep the whole thing somewhat organized.It should be fun and yes,a bit challenging to say the least. The little video on top is something I downloaded and modifed for your enjoyment.Kind of silly, huh?

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