Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Winds of Change

The new year continues to unfold around here at the C.I.A. Meetings are going on which tell me that something BIG is brewing. I shouldn't let the resturant closure or the Campus Store Inventory deter my natural momentum for keeping the ball rolling around here. The weather today was a cross between sun, rain and wind. Whenever it gets windy, I suspect that changes abound.My employer wants me to compile a history of Greystone that can be viewd on a flat panel monitor for the Atrium (which will undergo a huge change).I have been the one who has cataloged a whole variety of pictures and documents relating to this place.I feel confident that I can produce a multimedia production which will really showcase the best of what we have here.I plan to begin this project with the legacy of William Borne and Everitt Wise.Then I will talk a little about winemaking before Prohibition and after the Phyloxera epidemic.Then I will speak briefly about the Bisceglia Brothers and finally mention how the Christian Brothers came to the Napa Valley.I am looking forward to this project.It will be especially gratifying to talk about the marriage of wine,food and art after the Paris tasting and before the C.I.A. opened it's doors here.

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