Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My date with Kitty

Today is Tuesday, January 14th, and we are still in the middle of a cold snap.Yesterday, I had a nice run with Don,who suprised me with a silver bracelet that he made by hand. It is very cool looking and the agreed price of $70.00 was immediately paid.Money is tight, but I should be able to afford it after a I am paid this Friday.Then at 1:30pm I drove my car to the Century Theater in San Raphael to see the movie. "The Children of men" with Kitty. She and I were both limping as we greeted each other. She, because she needs to get a hip replacement, and me because I think that I have torn the miniscus in my other knee.Yipes. Anyway, the movie was pretty good.It was set in the future under the premise that the last child had already been born some years before and that no one was able to reproduce for whatever reason.There was much fighting, guns and violence in the movie, but it still had a pretty good story line which was like a modern day story of the Nativity of Christ.After the film we decided on having pizza across the street at this little pizzeria which had a delicious Pesto Pizza. During dinner, Kitty presented me with a cell phone that she was giving me as a gift because she needed a new (and better) one for her job. I was happy to recieve it, but will probably only use it for emergency calls.All in all, it was a very nice date.

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