Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dr. John and the day tripper

On my day off I drove my scooter down to the city of Napa to visit Dr. Dermody about the pain and bruising under my rib cage. He said I probably go poked and didn't remember it ! ( now wait, I am here because of thinking I may have a heart problem and you are telling me I have alzheimers ? ) Actually, he thinks it was not anything to be concerned about and to just relax. He then suggested that I go have a blood panel done since it has been about two years since I have had that done. Although, I remember having a cup of coffee with cream that morning, he didn't think that would effect the test because it had been about three hours. Well today I got a call from his staff saying that my triglycerides were through the roof and that my good and bad cholesterol were both extraordinarily high. GREAT ! So today at lunch I ate only salads, tomatoes, carrots, beans, rice and anything that doesn't produce those bad things that only serve to block my areteries. I promise to be a good boy and start lowering it beginning today. Cheese, eggs , dairy, bread, yougurt, chips and some nuts... all out ! My life is beginning anew.

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