Friday, July 28, 2006

Things went pretty well at the CIA today. I think that my position here is becoming more appreciated since I have been away. Perhaps the break just did ME a world of good. Maybe everyone was relieved to not see my charming face here for the past two weeks. I have been given the cookies these past couple of days and tonight I have two bags. I suspect that I am going to be pretty popular at the AA meeting tonight. The weekends here are generally a different scene entirely. Tommorow the Special Events team will be doing a wedding which usually means that the staff gets a little something to eat. Then again, there is the "Family Meal" that the restaurant prepares for the staff in the SIMI room after 4:30 PM My attitude has been improving, my computers are working fine and I should'nt be too strapped until the next payday.Life is good

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