Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lunchtime Poetry

Here it is, the second week of my vacation. Today, I did the food run from Napa to Calistoga with Jim and Leonardo. We got it all done before noon so the heat was not too much of a factor, although it should hit double digits this afternoon.Last Sunday, I was accused of being a pervert for taking an unauthorized picture of two pre-teen girls walking along the boardwalk at Johnson's Beach in Gurneville eating ice cream cones ((( What was I thinking !!))) . It was devastating to hear the accusation from the mother of one of these girls. "Who the hell do you think you are?" She bellowed. " What right have you to take a picture of my daughter without asking her permission ! " ( she was right, of course) I muttered apologies and regret and explained that I was only taking pictures of people in general, as part of a photo documentary piece. After submitting an ID, she finally let me go after thoroughly reeming me emotionally. I doubt that I will return to that beach any time soon. I hear on the news that Forest Fires have broken out in Middletown since last night. It was only 25% contained as I write this. I want to see " The way of the peaceful warrior " with Nick Nolte tonight at the Rialto. It is Tightwad Tuesday and the show begins at 7:10 pm. The price break is by two or three dollars on this day.I also will be purchasing some groceries at Trader Joes and the Grocery Outlet before I head back over the hill on my scooter. It is nice sitting here in my apartment listening to Robert Hass read his poetry via a podcast.

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