Thursday, July 06, 2006

Is it Ground Hog Day ?

It sure feels like it. Somedays I come to work and I go down the same road, talk to the same people, do the same job. Blah, Blah and Blah. It is a good thing that I will be having a nice long vacation after the 10th of this month. I plan on taking a lot of short trips on my motor scooter, exercising by riding my bike or hiking, cooking my own meals, etc. I want to come back to the CIA refreshed and ready to face another year of fun, food and frolic ! When you are eating , sleeping and breathing CIA 40+ hours a week you can go a little crazy. Don' t get me wrong, though. Everyone needs a break. I plan to take a lot of pictures, go to San Francisco, Russian River, Shasta, Monterey, Mendocino and other "day trips". The thing is, I am on a budget and have to watch my spending like the rest of you.

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