Saturday, July 08, 2006

I'm still the same

Nothing has changed. On this day in History, on this very spot, Nothing Happened... and, That's Okay ! Hey, I have been told that when you are really bored you are getting real close to your Higher Power. Hmmmm... that sounds a little too Zen for me.
The one thing I do know, is that my laundry still needs to get done. I still need to feed myself and shower everyday. I still need to work to pay my bills to get and stay out of debt. I still need to communicate with my loved ones so that they don't think I have completely lost it. I still need to get plenty of rest so that I don't go around banging into walls. I never knew that this blog could be so funny. Tune in next week when I have been off for awhile to hear the saga of my summer vacation. Hell I had more excitement. adventure and fun in one day at 15 than I've had in the last 5 years of my fifties. This is like Zen and the art of Limbo...

How low can you go?

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