Saturday, March 18, 2006

One Gorgeous Day

Today is March 18th, the day after St. Patricks day and the first day of sunshine in quite awhile. We had double rainbows in the Valley before sunset last night and the rain actually was refreshing. The ACAP students had their graduation last night and the parents of many of them had me take pictures of the families before the reception took place here in the atrium. Connie Willis is a student who had gone through the program and wants to be the next Rachel Ray ( a cooking show personality on the Food Network ). She actually has done some television work on the home shopping network but feels that she will be more qualified now that she has graduated from this prestigious school. She is quite shrewd at getting her way sometimes, but is not at all malicious. She is just agressive and works at getting her way at any means possible. I gave her family a long tour throughout the whole building yesterday and she was grateful. A whole new crop of Students will be coming to start the Spring semester classes shortly.The activity and foot traffic is certainly picking up as the tourist season begins

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