Thursday, February 23, 2006

My Badge

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I am now an official Flickr Professional Photographer thanks to the NCMUG and Derrick Story who is well known in the Mac Community. I am now proud to be his collegue. This badge is my official certification in an elite group of digital imagers and Photoshop users. As the staff photographer of the Culinary Insitute of America's Greystone Campus, I am called on to take pictures of all relevant events, weddings and other gatherings requiring official documentation.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Good Day Sunshine

Today was just beautiful here in St. Helena. The enchanted magnolias are in bloom and it is only the 12th of February. The east coast has been hit with a huge blizzard and snow is covering several major cities. The airports have all been closed. Here in the Atrium lobby of Greystone the morning has started off rather quietly, but it has picked up sense then.In San Francisco Last night was a parade in Chinatown celebrating the Chinese New Year of the dog. Tuesday is Valentine's day and the men's club at the churh I attend will be featuring a Crab Feed. I announced this event at the 8 am mass telling the attendees that the event was SOLD OUT and suddenly the congregation began to clap. It is amusing what people find worthy of applause. It was touching, however.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Waiting for Monday

It's only Saturday, but I am already looking forward to my days off. The weather is just beautiful outside and I plan on taking full advantage of it.The only event that is happening tonight at the CIA is something that the Montessori Family Center from St. Helena is putting on.They are calling it "Shanghai Nights" and it is a fundraiser that the locals get gussied up for to bid on wine, and eat extravagant food. On another note, I went to my regular home group meeting last night at the hospital. I am back attending that meeting now, because the old secretary has moved on ( He really got on my nerves, So I decided that I needed to be around "oldtimers" for awhile ).Nurse Kitty is just being her bubbly self, and it seems that we can be civil towards each other since I have made amends. Tommorow I will do the first reading at mass and sell tickets to the Church Men's club Crab Feed after mass. No big deals in my life right now... Just honoring my committments.