Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Visit to the City

To see my sister, Rita. Which was just great. We went for a nice walk through the Haight street district where we went for a Pesto Pizza. later we ambled down towards the Hall of Flowers and eventually to the "New" De Young Museum, which will be opening shortly. Already thier were people up in the observation tower, but they were privaledged members who got an early preview.I was snapping lots of pictures which regretably were deleted from my camera after I downloaded them to my IPod, not thinking that I would'nt be able to upload them again onto my computer, AAAaaaarrrrggggghhh !!! After returning back to her place, we had a nice steak dinner which my brother in law prepared, and then watched a football game until it was time to head back home to Napa.Also, in the world news, there was a terrible earthquake in Pakistan. Yikes! this sure has been the year for natural disasters!

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FreeThinker said...

Nice review of the de Young! Thanks for writing this. I was there too. Let's see how it will be perceived a few years from now!