Saturday, September 10, 2005

Looking alive with caffiene

I could have stayed in bed all morning. Originally I had planned to go see the Giants take on the Cubs at SBC park but I decided to go to work instead. It's not like I don't have some vacation days coming. Truthfully, I am not that big a Giants fan although I enjoyed myself at the game I went to earlier in the season, although I can't remember who played except that the Giants lost.A very nice lady named Margie McCartney gave me three tickets after I provided her and her friends with a tour of Greystone. She said that she was going to sing at the game and wanted me to come and enjoy it. I gave two of the tickets to Lori Novak, who was shadowing me on the tour.She wanted to take her boyfriend. I ended up giving the one ticket left to Jose, a chef who prepares the employee meals during the week. Lately, I have been feeling rather ho-hum. My energy level has been managed by lots of Coffee and Cola drinks. I think I need more exercise. good food and rest. Check back with me later.

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