Friday, September 02, 2005

Life happens all over

It's Friday and it has been almost a week since Katrina hit New Orleans with a knock out punch. It was only today that the troops and government agencies were really able to impact the region. Here I am in the most beautiful part of the country and I cannot help but feel real sorrow for the desperate and poor people managing to hang on down at the Gulf Coast. Even though I sent a few measley bucks, I feel like I would like to do something more to alleviate thier misery. I have a vacation coming up and I was thinking about becoming a red cross volunteer for a couple of weeks just to do my part. I still want to take a step back, and not just be guided by my first impulses. Perhaps after the first relief efforts have passed and things have become less chaotic, I would be able to make myself useful. We shall see.

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