Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day 05'

Today, a lifeguard at Bothe Park Pool asked me why we celebrate labor day. I guessed that it had something with honoring the working stiffs in this country, but I wasn't sure. Leo and I went for a bike ride there to go for a swim. Leo is going to be fourteen in ten days. He must've grown about six inches taller over the summer after coming back from Mexico. He is my friend. Later we drove our bikes into St. Helena to the Coffee Roastery for a some Mango Tea and Coffee. Leo filled his drink cup with sugar cubes and proceed to drink the whole syrupy conncotion. We sat down and played a game of chess. After I reminded him how all the pieces moved, he proceeded to beat me. When we got back to Calistoga later, he asks me about my Palm Pilot (which was in my closet, apparently broke) that he has been bugging me to sell to him for about a year. To get him off my back I told him that he could have it if he could fix it. This was also a ploy to get him to go home.He excitedly agreed and left for his house. Exactly one hour later I get a phone call asking me if I have a particular kind of screwdriver. A little annoyed, I told him that I didn't, and that if he could find the tools to fix the Palm Pilot he would have to track them down himself. A half-hour after that, Leo is knocking on my door telling me that he has fixed the Palm Pilot. My mind is a little blown now, and with Leo's birthday just a week or so away I am all to happy to have this be his present , Definately a win-win situation.

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