Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Back on Wednesday

Here it is, Wednesday. The sun is out and the swallows seem to have taken off for other destinations. They came the first week in Spring , made their babies and left a big mess and eventually moved on... Summertime is a bit too hot up under the eaves of the building here.Most of the education staff goes on Vacation this time of the year. It does not mean that it is quiet at the Concierge's desk.Thier is a lot of foot traffic heading towards the restaurant or the campus store. I do a lot of busy work here besides making reservations. I make sure that the light bulbs get changed, that the magazines and colateral material are properly displayed on the rack, and that people get thier questions answered promptly and without ATTITUDE. God forbid I should have a crappy day. So, with that in mind... Have a SWELL DAY !

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