Monday, May 09, 2005

Monday Morning Mood

The Mommas and Pappas had it right. Monday, Monday can't trust that day. I am pleased that I have Monday as the first day of my two days off on a weekly basis. I used to find it unusually depressing because it marked the beginning of a work week where I would/should be working. Always looking forward to the weekend when I could party hearty with the best of them.Now I just accept it as a day to regroup and prepare myself for the week ahead.
My friend Don and I are getting together at some point today for a cup of coffee , a hike or just generally catching up. We have not really had much chance to hang out with one another since I worked weekends and those were his only days off. Now that he has retired, the landscape has shifted. I look forward to putting together some kind of project with him.

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