Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Beware of the do-gooders

Some people don't mature until late in life.They are not at fault.Taking responsibility for oneself can be very nuanced and challenging...Innocence befriends those who carry their childish ways into adulthood.This perceived innocence justifies their every thought and action. Social awareness is not the same as social responsibility as is explained here. Social awareness is when we are cognizant of our surroundings and the people inhabiting our space.Behavior resulting from this awareness can demonstrate our intentions which, in a social setting is in many instances, performed for the benefit of others. These forms of expression can manifest as grandiosity,self-righteousness or a multitude of other actions which ultimately appear either selfish or altruistic.

When the justification of our actions capture the observation of another,a problem can occur.People read intent,which can be mistaken. Arguments may ensue,and although they are meant to render a proposal, will not always reach an amiable conclusion. When someone has silenced another by "Winning and argument", it does not mean that they have converted that person.A return to reason will not direct an unruly child to correct action. A cry for help can be messy, and it's response requires an exactitude of timing, action and empathy. This is the behavior of an adult.

Appearing altruistic at times can mask smug pride in attempting to garner the favor of others. Anyone standing in the way of this desired approval, will usually be rendered unworthy by those observers standing in judgement of such behavior.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Sketching and painting

These days that is all I do during the day, draw and paint...except hit the refrigerator now and then. I listen to my Amazon Prime songs and have a few cups of coffee in the morning to get started.The rock supply has been low lately because their is a large creek/river I would have to cross to get to the beach at Russian Gulch.This means that would have to go by a landscaping place to pick a bag of rocks. Usually Mexican Pebbles which are smooth and especially suited for the work I do. My paint supply and printer are all in working order, and since the days a short and wet... I tend to get things done. Today I am gearing up for Valentine's day which should be a good sales day at the markets this weekend.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Nothing to fear, but fear itself

The second big storm of the season has arrived and it looks to be just as bad as the first, which was a doozy. Here I am in my one-bedroom apartment, hoping that the roof doesn't leak and that we all can hang in there as this one passes ( fingers crossed ). I've been invited to attend the Men's club meeting tonight at six, and I don't want to go out in this mess. Speaking of messes... the parking situation here in my complex has gotten even more complex.

I sent an email to the property manager and tried to work out a compromise as to who can occupy open ( non-designated ) parking spaces without causing blockages.His strategy was to send letters to all tenants, making me the one who is complaining and therefore the scapegoat if this issue escalates, which it might. My suggestion was to have a sign that reads "No visitor parking". That is sure to raise some hackles. Even if it would read "Tenant parking only", one can be assured that would undoubtedly be ignored.

I am the only tenant with one vehicle. I am respected because I have lived here the longest, but I am also the designated gringo in the hood, which feels kind of weird.I love my neighbors and have respect for each family, but I don't think that they all get along with each other as well as I seem to get along with them.The last thing I would want is for anyone to turn against each other, or most especially... me !

Right now, I just intend to stay warm and not project on how this situation may unfold. I seek only the highest good for all concerned and am ready to make compromises if necessary.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Big Storm coming this weekend

Today it is Thursday and it is sunny and beautiful...no matter how cold. Tonight I will probably have my space heater on, along with my long-johns and down comforter to keep me warm. The only problem with this is that it gets quite stuffy with my bedroom door closed and the window left open just a crack. Okay, don't worry... I won't die from carbon monoxide poisoning because I have an alarm for that. I also have a smoke detector that would protect me if it doesn't go off every time I cook an omelet or have the shower running.Life in a one-bedroom apartment requires constant vigilance.You just can't take off without checking to see if you've left the oven on,etc.

It's quiet today,even if the kids are off from school. They must all be inside so I don't have to listen to the screaming and yelling. Hey, it's better than living in a retirement community. Here, you will know that life is happening around you, whether you like it or not.My friend Eric texted me from Oregon where he is surrounded by four feet of snow. He too, is staying inside doing some woodworking.It's probably muffled and quiet there except for maybe his power saw whirring along.I'm painting a batch of rocks even though I suspect that the Farmer's Market may be cancelled this weekend. We shall see. It's no fun in the rain, but I show up with my canopy nonetheless.The vendors who tough it out during these periods are my pals.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Still on the mend

Today is the day after my 66th birthday.Over the last couple of weeks I've been recovering from Poison Oak and a nasty chest cold with a accompanying cough.I have spent well over fifty dollars on over the counter medications like Technu, Poison oak bar soap,itching relief gel, rash spray,homeopathic pills and liquid oil removal soap.Then for the cold I have stuck to herbal and non alcoholic medicines for my chest cold. These include Mentholatum deep heat rub,Herbal tussin, Alka Seltzer relief and two bottles of Source Natural's Wellness Formula. Friends have suggested drinking a shot glass full of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with garlic and ginger.Yes, I have done this and it has proved to be the most effective in alleviating the cough. Now if I can only get rid of the poison oak!! My birthday went well. I had a nice lunch at a restaurant called "Redwood" in Yountville with a friend.The salad and pasta dish were excellent as was our waiter, who even if a bit snobby, was generous with his information and attention (We were of only a few guests in the restaurant this Tuesday afternoon. Later on in the day, I was invited over to my neighbors' house for a surprise. There, Andre,Dinora, Kevin, Allen and Ruby presented me with a brand new wristwatch! It is a beautiful watch and now I have two Timex glow watches to last me a lifetime.The Quintero family are my new best friends.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Under the weather

I am typing this blog with a throbbing head cold and congested chest. I am also in recovery from a bad case of poison oak which i acquired while mushroom hunting at Salt Point a few weeks ago.This, coupled with some stormy weather that has put a damper on my participation at the Saturday markets here in Calistoga. In other words, I have passed on them now, two weeks in a row.Here it is, almost December and I am so pleased that I saved enough money over the summer to get me through this upcoming season.I only hope that I will be well enough on subsequent Saturdays to return to my favorite spot at the Market.Karen, our market manager will be the arbiter of that decision.

December is also going to be a pretty busy month with all the hoopla that comes along with holidays this time of the year.A Posada, My birthday,Christmas eve dinner,Farmer's markets all add up to a lot of preparation.But hey, I'm sober and it's not all about me anymore! (Even if I am probably the only one reading this blog).If you are reading it, and you just happened upon this... I wish you a HEALTHY,HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL Holiday and may God bless you and your loved ones throughout the New Year

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Prisoners of our own device

Between Podcasts,Email,Instant messaging,Facebook,Facetime,Blogs,etc. I'm not going anywhere. I find myself sitting on my ass most days and not getting out even to walk to my car.This is so different from how I used to conduct my daily schedule which included a five mile run every day (That was back in my 40's and I'm 65 now).Technology's appeal has made so many things AMAZING.So much so, that this experience can only be called an"Amazing Fatigue". Being distracted by that which is so demanding of our attention is becoming common place.Smart phones proves this emerging phenomenon. People in the future will become so adapted to looking down at the next big thing,they will likely form a permanent crook in their necks.

All this undivided attention is actually dividing our attention more and it is not praiseworthy.What is thought of as multitasking is just something being put off until later,to what seems to hold priority in the moment.Two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time...both in our brains and in reality.These behaviors can foster restlessness ,irritability and impatience.Children are the ones who will suffer.Any screened device will intrinsically pull them away from us and away from physical contact.Both babies and adults need human contact.They need this physical closeness for survival.Babies need human contact in the first hours of life or they die.This is fact.No electronic device can remedy this.

No matter how convenient,expedient or practical the digital age has become,their is a downside appearing on the horizon.Their are many examples of how the computer has been holding us hostage that you,the reader would better be served doing twenty jumping jacks than reading this blog.Highlighting our own shortsightedness,computers are making everyone and everything easily accessible,whether we like it or not.Linear time has become shortened as events jump-frog our ability to appreciate and digest their significance.My hope is that we can bring unity, empathy and compassion to our world.Thank you for reading this blog and taking time to consider your contemporary habits.I now must untether myself and get on to the next task.