Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Still on the mend

Today is the day after my 66th birthday.Over the last couple of weeks I've been recovering from Poison Oak and a nasty chest cold with a accompanying cough.I have spent well over fifty dollars on over the counter medications like Technu, Poison oak bar soap,itching relief gel, rash spray,homeopathic pills and liquid oil removal soap.Then for the cold I have stuck to herbal and non alcoholic medicines for my chest cold. These include Mentholatum deep heat rub,Herbal tussin, Alka Seltzer relief and two bottles of Source Natural's Wellness Formula. Friends have suggested drinking a shot glass full of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with garlic and ginger.Yes, I have done this and it has proved to be the most effective in alleviating the cough. Now if I can only get rid of the poison oak!! My birthday went well. I had a nice lunch at a restaurant called "Redwood" in Yountville with a friend.The salad and pasta dish were excellent as was our waiter, who even if a bit snobby, was generous with his information and attention (We were of only a few guests in the restaurant this Tuesday afternoon. Later on in the day, I was invited over to my neighbors' house for a surprise. There, Andre,Dinora, Kevin, Allen and Ruby presented me with a brand new wristwatch! It is a beautiful watch and now I have two Timex glow watches to last me a lifetime.The Quintero family are my new best friends.

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