Friday, September 09, 2016

Hot Jalapeno Omelet !

Okay, So you only see a stovetop with a bunch of different ingredients.I already scarfed down the delicious omelet and two multi-grained pieces of toast.Get over it.

Today, I went to the freezer and took out a Lyder's hash brown paddy, dropped it into the microwave where it was nuked for 30 seconds. Then I placed it in an iron skillet with sesame seed oil which was now at it's smoke point ( vent is turned on, so as to not set off the fire alarm).

Now,I flipped the taters, added salt and pepper and began mixing up a farm fresh organic brown egg in a cup.This was added to the frying pan.Then I sprinkled some shredded jalapeno pepper cheese into the pan along with diced onion and pickled jalapeno.You should be so lucky.

Lastly, I flipped the whole concoction over and let it fry until crispy brown.Lastly, it was placed on a plate with the two pieces of toast spread with Kerry Gold Irish butter.Final note: splash a little green El Pato sauce on top for good measure.

Now Shut up and eat!

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