Thursday, September 17, 2015

Another Fire?

What is now known as the "Valley Fire" has followed the Jerusalem and Rocky fires in Lake County. Now a large percentage of Middletown and Harbin Hot Springs have been devastated.The fairgrounds here in Calistoga is now filled with evacuees and the story has reached national attention.The climate of grief is palpable.Yesterday, I was at the Farmer's Market down in the city of Napa selling my gift rocks when I was approached by a young woman named Kathy.She was looking over the items I was presenting on the vendor's table. She paid a compliment about the rocks when I asked where she was from.

"Hidden Valley" was here response.She was on the verge of tears when I came out from behind the table to give her a big hug.My heart sank as she told me about her neighbors who had lost everything.Thankfully,Her house had been spared, but what was she going to return to? She had been driving around aimlessly when she decided to stop at the Farmer's Market.That brief moment with her enveloped my being for the rest of the day.Since that happened,I have been thinking about this event constantly.It is already Wednesday, but it feels like it just happened.Most everyone is still in shock as the donations and volunteers have been streaming into the evacuation shelters.