Monday, April 20, 2015

Hard Work and Manifestation

I like to shop for supplies to add to my Rock Painting business.Going to the beach used to be a regular sojurn. Traveling from Calistoga to Jenner is usually a day well spent. I get out of town, take a relaxing ride to the coast and I spend time in a secluded area to commune with nature.This is where I recharge my creative batteries so to speak. Many times I will find a rock or several rocks to use in my craft.

Returning home, I will have stopped at several art stores to pick up other supplies that I would use. Stickers, paint, brushes, glue, glitter and types of paper are just some of the items I am always in search of;To make something individual and unique. The work is usually the most enjoyable part of the creative process, but that depends.

Today, I purchased a magazine called "Fructose" which contains stories about artists like myself. I read things of this nature, and go to museums and galleries to support the culture from which i draw these ideas. The ideas are the components, not the media which I use to bring them into being.The ideas fuel the fire which drives creative expression. Otherwise, I am just practicing... always practicing.This is true especially when their is no clear idea where or how an idea will manifest, and thereby move this whole process forward.

Friday, April 03, 2015

A Good Friday

Today is Good Friday and it's already off to a good start. I've made a bank deposit and have paid the rent. Now I only have to pay my quarterly taxes and I will be able to breathe a little easier, at least until next month. I am going to the 12pm services at the church I attend, and plan to keep silence for three hours ( yes, it is possible ! ) Then I will have a nice lunch and go for a bicycle ride to Bothe State Park. All in all a great way to spend the day in Calistoga.