Thursday, April 17, 2014

Holy Thursday

I will do the second reading tonight during the Holy Thursday Service at the church I attend. I know that it will be a short reading, yet I am still a little nervous.It has been said that it is good to be a bit nervous before doing any public speaking.Although my reading is not revealling of anything and I'm not speaking extemporaneously,I still am conscious of being "evaluated".Experiences like this are hard to get over,for better or worse.

The church I attend is a small close knit community and very loving as far as I can tell.It has been that way ever since I first attended Sunday services over twenty years ago. I even got to be president of the Men's club for a year.Their have been seven different priests who have been put in the position of pastor since I first began going there. I think that the rotation of pastorship is supposed to take place every four years, but this I am not certain.No one has be expelled or asked to leave as far as I know, and the current priest is a gentle compassionate religious man from Sri Lanka. He will be the celebrant at tonight's mass.

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