Tuesday, April 01, 2014

A New Look

I am exploring new, better or at least different looks in my creative expression these days. I am not even painting rocks today as I usually do. The painting you see below was done on a piece of flexible black shelf cover. I used flourescent paint, oil pastel and color pencils to create this piece. The black material has some "tooth" to it so that the colors adhere quite nicely to the surface. These mandalas have a Mexican feel to them. Perhaps they were influenced by the art and people who live close to me, here in Calistoga. I will probably go back to painting rocks tomorrow.My blog has a new color background too... just to mix it up a bit.


Oma The Medical Blogger said...

Absolutely fantastic..... Chris, I would LOVE one of
those with the blue and lime design. -- how much
would that be? I would consider that my "bestest"
Easter egg.
Today it is cold again! Very disheartening to deal with that eternal winter... and blasting wind! So I look at your creations and am exhilarated instantly. Thanks--
and good night!

Christopher Sullivan said...

Thank you Oma ! I really appreciate your comments and am happy that this image brought you joy!

Sweet dreams, dear one.