Monday, October 14, 2013

Beautiful Fall Days

I have been feeling guilty for not going outside much during the day.The weather has been delightful and I am inside painting rocks... just because.

Perhaps I am isolating, but it has to be said that I do treasure my privacy and have been enjoying this retirement thing immensely.Next month I will head north to Portland to visit my sister, Tara. She has been my mentor since I was first learning how to draw.We are big admirers of each others work. She draws and paints the most beautiful fish, butterflys, dragonflys, cats and florals I have ever seen. I have always said that she can finesse an image so that it jumps right off the page at you. She also has a signature style that is unmistakeable. Currently I am lifting some of her fish motifs to use on my rock paintings (Notice the flowing fish below). I don't think she minds, in fact I think she would be flattered.

The other day I drove to St. Helena on my bike for exercise.It was a long ride for me, but it really felt pretty good. The vines are beginning to turn red and orange after the final bins of grapes have been picked.These days and early Spring are my favorite times of the year.

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