Monday, September 09, 2013

Something Old, Something New...

It amazes me every time I head into San Francisco after having been away for awhile. This time was no different. My friends Bill and Veda drove across the Golden Gate Bridge and then under the new tunnel spilling out onto the Marina Green. Today, the Kiwis ( New Zealand )beat the U.S. sailing team for a lead the America's cup. Who would have thought that the America's Cup (The longest sporting competition in U.S. History ) would be held in San Francisco Bay? BTW... The U.S. team has a lot of catching up to do at this point.
The City was packed with scads of tourists from everywhere as we travelled to Union Square where we were to stop at the Apple store on Stockton Street.
The Apple Store has been rumored to be moving from it's current location at Stockton and Ellis streets, to The Hyatt Plaza on Union Square.As it turns out, their is a bit of a problem/controversy. Ruth Asawa constructed a beautiful landmark fountain there which Apple wanted removed. Unfortunately, the locals put a stop to those arrogant enough to think that Apple can just come push their way into any location they wish.Nevertheless, we made a purchase there and then moved on to Japan town, where we went shopping at Daiso, a fun," $1.50 for anything in the store" bargain paradise. I purchased some new 2.50 magnifier glasses which are helping me tremendously as I type this blog.
Then the next stop was BEST BUY to get Bill a Coke Zero, dontchaknow. Why Best Buy you ask? Well, because they have them there!Then Veda and I took a stroll to other parts of this Mega-store where we checked out some Macbook Airs, Pros, Minis, etc. etc. It was intriguing until Bill and I got into a debate about external hard drives when the store clerk tried in vain to clarify the situation for our benefit. This was an exercise in futility. We left soon after to take a momentous trip across the new span of the Bay Bridge to Emeryville's IKEA store ( This,like the trip on the new span was a first for me).IKEA is another Mega-store where one can easily get lost.Bill purchased some items and we then went and had dinner at the Pasta Primavera or some such Italian themed Mall Mockup. It was uneventful in my opinion, but Bill, Veda and I ordered our Soups & Salads and eventually headed home.
Nothing enlivens me more than the idea of what ones thinks about when referencing the concept"Home".This concept can always be created anew, while somehow still maintaining a direct pathway to one's heart.