Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Creativity on the fly

Today I designed a poster that reflects the spirit quality of "Your Spirit Rocks!" When I think about how the rock i used for this project came to be; and how it's appearance is being transformed, it is a pretty amazing journey to be sure. The materials,techniques and process that I am using did not exist twenty years ago. I took a simple sandstone rock found on a northern California beach and brought it home. The term "Home' would be inaccurate however, because the rocks' home is the ocean and my home is in Calistoga where the rock now resides.

So let's say that I brought the rock to my studio where it underwent a makeover.The rock was then painted, decorated with various reflective materials and ultimately scanned and modified on my computer.

Now it is a .jpg image which is being presented to you. This image will be blown up and made into an 18"X24" poster which will be framed.The artistic quality of the rock is something I have no control over.

Is it Art? Is it Spiritual? These are both subjective terms that are still brought into question today.

Now what exactly "Reflects the Spirit quality" of "Your Spirit Rocks" you ask.The answer I have, as unsatisfactory as it is... is I don't know.Perhaps someday I will be able to answer that question, but then the rocks'appearance will have transformed into something else.The only definition of Art which has ever satisfied me is that Art is time-tested, and that beauty, like Art, is in the eye of the beholder.