Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Art in the Clouds

It was a gorgeous day on Sunday, and the Pacific Union College chose this day for their annual Car Show (... and Art Show ) I got there early and began setting up my vendor's booth. A very nice couple from Pope Valley were next to me and he was selling items he carved and fashioned from pieces of wood. He had boxes, crates,small chairs, puzzles and frames that he put together lovingly.His talent was most apparent and we chatted throughout the day.

A few musicians were playing some upbeat tunes on a stage across this large field where all the Classic Cars were displayed. The songs were mostly from the fifties and sixties,which lent itself to the overall ambience of the event. I was a little hungry when I arrived and was told that the vendors get free doughnuts and coffee. Well, that is how the food portion of this story went. The next thing I was to indulge in was a breakfast burrito. About 11am I began smelling fried chicken being cooked across this field of dreams.Naturally, I had to have a few pieces of chicken with some cole slaw. Oh Yum ! it was great.

Business was pretty good and I met a lot of new people from the Angwin area. Most of them are Seventh Day Adventists, but no one seemed like they were going to try to convert me or anything.Things wrapped up around 2pm and It was apparent that many families made this special event one that they enjoy every year. I think that I will return again next year as well.

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