Friday, March 22, 2013

March Madness

Today is Friday and I got back home last night from San Jose with my good friend Eric. He and I went to attend the NCAA Basketball tournament, otherwise known as "March Madness". You can watch a short clip of this March Madman here...SHORT VIDEO LINK

It was great. He had this trip on his bucket list of things to do, and he invited me along for the adventure.Eric lives in Eugene.Home of the Mighty Ducks and the University of Oregon.He drove all the way to Calistoga on Wednesday and tried sleeping on my futon so that we both could get an early start on Thursday morning.

The trip down went very smoothly in spite of traffic going into San Francisco that time of the day. Eric drives a beautiful, white 2012 Audi Sports car and did not hesitate to explain all the features and highlights of this cool car.He also demonstrated it's power a little bit too.It's also nice passing people in the commuter lane during rush hour.

Our trip there went well, and we had a lot of catching up to do.He and I ran track in High School and have been pals ever since.Being children of the sixties, we had many recollections of those days... some real, some imagined.I came to the realization that we mirror each others strange sense of humor.I am truly grateful that he is one of the key players in my life even if we only see each other every decade or so.

The Sports arena at the HP Pavillion is massive.The collegiate teams were already playing and this being the first round of playoff games,boosted the excitement level considerably.The Ducks not only did exceptionally well, but went on to win their game.Eric and I cheered and had a lot of fun even up there in the "nose-bleed" section.

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little anton said...

how come I look like an AH in all of the pictures?
Great job. living at the gas true.