Saturday, February 02, 2013


I met my friend Veda at MacWorld in S.F.and we had a great time exploring the exhibit floor.As you can tell from the photo to the right I took advantage of the Adobe "Space Alien" exhibit and really hammed it up.Later,We went downstairs to a booth where Veda was one number away in a raffle for winning a computer backup storage device.When the numbers were announced she smiled, groaned a bit in disappointment, and walked from there to have lunch across the street at Jillian's Restaurant. It was then that we rested our feet and chowed down.

Months ago, I submitted an image for the Digital Gallery at MacWorld, and discovered it's location in the Moscone West's Atrium reception area. I was proud to have it posted along side other artists who were also having their art showcased.Below is a picture of Veda displaying my Rock Art with all the charm of Vanna White.Moving on,We left the event after collecting lots of "Schwag" and quaffing numerous dairy-free cheese samples that were being passed out on the showroom floor. This was around 5PM and so eventually Veda ended up driving back to Novato to meet with her friend Bill.

I went from there to my sister Martha's house on 21st Street,not too far away.My brother-in-law Ernie was there preparing a fish dinner with mashed potatoes and green beans. I helped cut the green beans and herbs while he cooked the fish. The three of us had a nice meal together, and then it was time for some entertainment.Ernie opted out, but Martha and I drove to the Fillmore Auditorium for a concert that was free after I had won 2 tickets on KRSH radio a few days prior.

Performing was Ian Hunter of MOTT THE HOOPLE fame. He put on a knockout show which was very loud. Luckily we found a suitable viewing place upstairs overlooking the stage. At one point, the music was so loud I could see my sister holding her fingers in her ears. A nice lady standing behind us noticed this, and gave each of us a pair of ear plugs! (How absolutely thoughtful don't you think?) The show ended around 11:30 PM and I dropped my sister back off at her place and got to Calistoga sometime around 1:30AM Saturday morning.

Thankfully, I was up early enough to participate in the Farmer's Market and even made enough cash to defray the cost of my trip to the city. Life is good!

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