Sunday, February 17, 2013

Freaky February

The days have been sunny and up in the 70's which is fairly unusual for February in Calistoga.I ran into my friend Larry Nowlan who fly out with his wife Heather to take part in the ceremony at the CIA's Wine History Museum.Larry is a sculptor who does very high-end relief sculpture in Bronze.He just completed several more busts of some of the luminaries in the wine industry here in Napa. Ceasar Chavez was one, and I know Robert Parker was the other.Larry is a positive, happy go lucky guy who enjoys life. He and his wife Heather are both likeable people. It is just a little freaky that he keeps appearing at various intervals in my life.He must have something I want. We have made arrangements to meet Tuesday evening before he heads back home. He and I met when I was still working at the CIA. I told him I was a tea totaler (which I am).I had a cup of tea this morning before heading off to church.

Life goes on...

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