Friday, August 24, 2012

A Happy Pappy

It is Friday and I am doing my usual thing. Catching up on correspondence, preparing some Spirit Rocks for the Market[s] this weekend, and sharing my experience with others.

The sun came out around ten this morning,just after I rode my bike to church.It was cool and pretty out, like it usually is in Calistoga. I received about six fresh peaches from a friend who grew them on her property.

So much to be grateful for…

I went and visited my neighbor who prepared some chili rellaƱos for a delightful meal. She and her husband Andres have a young boy named Kevin who is three.Kevin enjoyed some magic tricks I was demonstrating, as did his grandfather who was also present. It seemed that his grandfather was more mesmerized than Kevin at some coin disappearing tricks I had up my sleeve. At one point however, he noticed the pendant that I had around my neck. I took it off and put it around his neck.Then I told Andres to turn out the kitchen lights. This amazed him when he saw that the pendant glowed in the dark! Immediately, he wanted to buy it from me. Initially he offered fifteen dollars for it, but that was a lot lower than what I usually sell them for; and so we agreed on twenty (only after I explained to him that I usually charge thirty at the Farmers Market). He was pleased with his purchase,and I was happy to see it on another Happy customer

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