Monday, January 16, 2012

Stags Leap 2

It was cold and foggy at the start but after about an hour the sun broke through. This was the second time exploring the trail that led to the top of the Vacas mountains lining the east end of the Napa Valley. The Stags leap district is a designated appellation on the Napa Valley Viticultural map. The area has a lot of Manzanita and Madrone trees and bushes with craggy rocks to walk over getting up to the top. We traversed two large hills getting to our destination where we stopped after three hours to have lunch. The return trip went pretty quickly as it was mostly down hill. The views from the top were spectacular.

All this walking was far better for me than sitting in front of a TV set watching football. Next week however, is when the Forty-Niners face off against the New York Giants.You can bet that I will be watching that one. It will be great if our Niners make it to the Super Bowl this year. Incidentally, when we were over looking the Napa Valley, we could see a large group of people watching the Giants vs. Green Bay game on a jumbotron at a local winery down below. They were screaming and yelling every few seconds as their team performed. We yelled back at them from above on the mountainside. I think they heard us because they kept yelling back.

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