Saturday, May 28, 2011


Thursday was a wonderful day. I picked Veda up at the Santa Rosa bus station around noon and drove from there through the Russian River Resort area and then to the coast. All the way to Russian Gulch to be specific. The sun was out, with a whole assortment of puffy clouds and a very light wind. We got to the beach around 1pm and proceed to look for rocks that we could collect to add to the Spirit Rock inventory.She had packed a very nice lunch with stuffed olives, salad fixings, biscotti biscuits, candy box tomatoes and the like. I had brought some lemon tea and dried fruit and nuts to share. We walked around the beach and met up again at the opposite end after filling a blue bag with a whole quarry of beautifully smooth, round rocks.We then walked back to the other end of the beach to discover our picnic lunch STREWN all over the place. It turned out that the seagulls swooped down and had a feast of our food ! Veda was disappointed, but did not react too badly. We salvaged what we could ( I guess the didn’t care for the stuffed olives ) and made our way back to the car. When we drove back through Guerneville we stopped and had lunch at a nice little Cafe which made up for the little glitch in our plans.After lunch, we found a little Spiritual storefront that had some workshops offered in yoga, breath work and healing. We walked in and talked to the woman there who was very enthusiastic about the history of the place which was founded by 13 grandmothers from different nations and tribes. I was very surprised to find some of my sister’s art work for sale in the gift shop! Talk about Providence ! Veda and I were invited to stay for the Kundalini yoga class which lasted about an hour. We both benefitted greatly from this practice and came away energized and serene at the same time. All in all, it turned out to be a very adventuresome day.

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