Friday, March 11, 2011

The New Ipad

Okay, so I took the plunge. I drank the kool aid . Whatever. This thing is really sweet. I am sitting her in St. Helena after a meeting enjoying the ease at which I can do a simple log entry and listen to music, video chat with my brother in Chicago, play a game, check out the web, etc. Etc. ...and it's so much fun!

On a much more serious note, Japan was hit with a major quake today and their are Tsunami warnings for Hawaii and the west coast of the U.S. My prayers go out to the people of Japan.

As I write this, it is Monday and already and SO MUCH has occurred both personally and globally, that it is hard to keep up with it all. Saturday was my grandnephew’s second birthday and it was great being with my relatives and their friends down in Napa. My nephew always does a good job of having a party, and it usually goes off without a hitch.Little Mica has a host of friends and cousins who helped him share this momentous occasion.

Yesterday, I hiked from Robert Louis Stevenson State Park through the Palisades into Calistoga with my friends Harrison and Dieter. The hike took around six hours. We started at 9:45 AM and ended in Calistoga close to 4PM. I am getting in better shape every week I go out. It is already Lent, so I am giving up bread and milk products to augment my diet. I hope to lose around thirty pounds this year. My ideal weight is 155 lbs. and I am currently 185 lbs. Time to get crackin’ !

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